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Who We Are

Nasa Surgical was established in 1990 by highly motivated entrepreneur who understands the importance of surgical instrument needs and its production.

Serving thousands of clients successfully since 1990 we have developed strategies with the help of highly qualified and enthusiastic people to fulfill the requirements of current needs.

We are providing our clients every possible solution by using different mediums, resources, channels to capture their primary goals.

Instrument and Equipment Service

Having instrumentation and equipment available and fully functional is imperative for effective procedure flow and management. Your clinical teams need assurance that broken items have been repaired properly and will perform at an optimum level.

Our Parts and Repair Standards

NASA adheres to stringent OEM specifications for components, processes and device function. All materials and methods used during the repair and rebuild processes are identical or functionally equivalent to the OEM.

Original equipment manufacturers (Stryker, Storz, Olympus, etc.) do not manufacture their own components. They obtain them from reputable national and international manufacturers who make components for end-product manufacturers. NASA sources parts from many of these same reputable manufacturers.

Why Partner with NASA?

With experienced, factory-trained technicians and a 27-year commitment to exceptional quality, NASA maximizes your equipment and instrument up-time. By partnering with NASA, you have access to:

  • Our exclusive programs
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing
  • An industry-leading one-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship on all serviced instrumentation, devices and equipment

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